The holidays are over, and we have entered a New Year, 2023! Businesses around the world are now ready to make a change. Leaders will now need to create an Organizational Change Management (OCM) framework for managing organizational shifts and culture within a business. Here are five essential tips to help jump-start the OCM process: 

  1. Identify the Organization’s vision. All key stakeholders, including employees, must understand the Organization’s new direction. Buy-in success will increase when the entire Organization is on the same page. 
  2. Define a Strategy : How will we accomplish the vision? It should clearly state: 
    •  What will change?
    •  The impact of the change
    •  How will we implement the change?
  3. Execute the Change Strategy : It is now time to act. Put the plan into action 
  4. Engage all employees and key stakeholders. The Organization must be actively involved either directly through participating in the implementation or indirectly through staying abreast via communication and training on new processes and workflows.  
  5. Monitor and Evaluation the Change: Establish a parameter to monitor and evaluate the implemented changes; make sure to start with the pilot phase to allow for feedback and modification if applicable.

In closing, one thing is for sure, change is inevitable, so let’s embrace and lead with a plan to come out better. What to learn more about Leadership and organizational change? Contact us at  or follow us on our Social Media sites and check out our Podcast  

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