Let Go of Clutter - Living Your Life Without Limits

Let Go of Clutter


● Productivity is negatively affected at work and at home by clutter.
● Clutter affects mental and physical health in many negative ways.
● Family and social relationships may be negatively affected by clutter.
● Clutter can take a toll on your finances.
● You can lose up to an hour a day looking for things due to clutter.
● Problems with clutter are on a continuum – mild, moderate, severe.
● Even mild challenges with clutter can have a negative effect on your life and career.
● Organizing and staying organized requires that everyone be willing to do their part.
● Sometimes compromise is necessary to manage what/who you have little control over.
● Ask for help! Friends, family, and professional organizers may be very helpful.
● If the problem is extreme, mental health assistance may be required.

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