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Wellness Box


The specialty care items found inside Shannon Jackson’s signature LYLWL Wellness Box were developed with the sole purpose of keeping more people healthy and thriving.


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  • Box Dimensions: 10 x 8 x 4
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KEEP HEALTHY, THRIVE, STAY WELL— We hear these sentiments so much during these incredible times we are living in, and they are definitely important reminders for us all. After all, for Living Your Life Without Limits, you have to take care of you, even when doing so could be more of a challenge. Created by Shannon Jackson, the LYLWL Wellness Box is designed to give individuals the tools they need to keep tabs on their own physical health and emotional well-being.

CHOCK-FULL OF EVERYDAY NECESSITIES and creative tools for today’s health mindful climate. This is no ordinary wellness box. Inside you will find a complete First Aid Kit to handle those minor injuries, a Thermometer, and Blood Pressure Wristband along with companion Magnet, but you also receive special extras all about supporting health and well-being from the inside-out. Shannon’s signature LYLWL Wellness Journal, also included in the box, offers you guidance on taking care of yourself emotionally and physically, much like a mini self-help workshop. Ready to pay it forward back yourself? Also enjoy a complementary pen to note your thoughts. With a Scented Candle and Soothing Meditation Music included—relaxing, destressing, and finding some inner peace is all within reach and now available just in time to make the perfect Holiday gift, for yourself or others.



Your Family and Friends will be glad to receive this Wellness inspired special gift.

Order more than 1 box and enjoy a 10% discount off your total order.
(see below the full line-up of items included inside the box)

  • First Aid Kit Nicks, cuts, scratches, and burns always need rapid treatment. Keep everything you need on hand for those minor injuries with a First Aid Kit that contains just what you need.
  • Thermometer Your body temperature can tell you so much about your health. Keep tabs on your temp with this handy Thermometer included, whether you are keeping vital signs in check after an outing, feel ill, or otherwise.
  • Blood Pressure Wristband Feeling especially stressed? Stay close to your blood pressure quickly and easily. Simply slide on the band, hit the button, and get a quick reading.
  • Blood Pressure Magnet If you are forgetting to check your blood pressure every day as you should amidst the chaos of life, then you will want this visual reminder to check your BP. Simply stick the Magnet right on your fridge or any other metal surface.
  • LYLWL Wellness Journal This is no ordinary journal—it’s a mini self-help workshop within a book to help you take better care of you. For example, mention what made you grateful and what you did right for the day. And, all while keeping tabs on your physical activity, wellness, nutrition, and personal daily goals.
  • Meditation Music Fewer negative thoughts, lowered stress, enhanced self-awareness—Yes, please! The perfect Holiday emotional fix. Turn on this meditation music and tune-in to your mind and body for some calming ‘me time’.
  • Scented Candle The Scented Candle is the perfect complement to your Meditation Music for enjoying more ‘you time,’ whether in a hot bath or quiet space breathing in the calming fragrances wafting from the scented wick with a peace-inducing, dancing flame.
  • Ink Pen There is something to be said about having a good pen handy, as you are going to need just that to jot down your thoughts in your LYLWL Wellness Journal. So we also have you covered with an included pen.

Whether your own self-care routine has been lacking or you are looking for the ideal Holiday gift for a loved one, the LYLWL Wellness Box is the perfect gift. Maybe you know someone who has been sick, feeling stressed, and just needs a bit of rest and rejuvenation. Perhaps you have been overwhelmed and deserve a gift for yourself. Either way, this LYLWL Wellness Box supports your health and overall well-being.


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