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Business Coaching & Consultation Services

Unhealthy lifestyles in the workplace has shown to reduce productivity and increase absenteeism.  LIVING YOUR LIFE WITHOUT LIMITS (LYLWL) offers business organization’s customized employee wellness programs that are designed to create a comprehensive culture of health and well-being for their employees. The programs are tailored to create value for both participants and the organization. 

Through our consultant services division, we offer business organization the opportunity to have an independent comprehensive evaluation of their current wellness program. The evaluation will include providing data collection and expertise analysis into inherent weaknesses and challenges, along with offering a plan of action to improve strategic outcomes.

Motivational Speaker

Are you looking for a dose of motivation?  Look no further. Shannon Jackson, RN can deliver the enthusiasm to your team, while reminding them what’s exciting and important about their contribution to the organization.  Her ability to tell stories that are relatable, emotional, humorous, and inspiring is unmatched. Her infectious personality leaves your team energized, inspired, and ready to level up.

Self-Care Workshops

Developing mindfulness and self-care practices can be a powerful way to enhance your quality of life, along with your creativity. LIVING YOUR LIFE WITHOUT LIMITS (LYLWL) offers a variety of self-care workshops. Each workshop is designed to building resilience and self-awareness. Participants learn how to take care of their own health and well-being, along with creating opportunities to share experiences, learnings, and suggestions for self-care and mindfulness in a group context, which in turn builds solidarity, support, and new life skills.

Health & Wellness

LIVING YOUR LIFE WITHOUT LIMITS (LYLWL) offers Customized Health & Wellness Programs/Workshops that are designed to teach you how to maintain or improve your health & well-being through the use of prevention and wellness strategic that are focused on creating positive long term behavior changes to reduce elevated health risks.

Individual Coaching

LIVING YOUR LIFE WITHOUT LIMITS (LYLWL) offers individualized one on one professional coaching, by working with people to help them make important changes in their life, either through growing in their profession or changing gears in their personal lives. At LYLWL, we partner with the client in turning their dreams or wishes into realistic, attainable goals.

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