Innovate, Motivate, Dominate: Transforming Businesses through Inspiration

Our dynamic strategies breathe fresh energy into your team, inspire innovation, and drive your organization towards remarkable success.

Holistic Well-being Initiatives

Foster a supportive workplace environment with our holistic well-being programs, promoting physical health, mental well-being, and a positive work-life balance for your employees.

Performance Maximization

Drive significant improvements in performance by instigating a cultural shift within your organization, where employees are inspired to go above and beyond their roles.

Inclusive Diversity Strategies

Cultivate an inclusive workplace culture through comprehensive diversity strategies that recognize diverse perspectives to lead greater innovation and creativity.

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    Achieve Unstoppable Success With Top Motivational Speakers in California

    Your Partner for Dynamic Transformation and Sustainable Success

    CNS Services, Inc., founded in 2002 by Shannon Jackson, is a beacon in the business community, recognized for its SBA 8(a), EDWOSB, and NMSDC certifications. The company, adopting “Living Your Life Without Limits” as its DBA in 2019, symbolizes Shannon’s journey from a teenage parent at 15 to a pioneering leader in healthcare and entrepreneurship.

    Offering a variety of services, “Living Your Life Without Limits” specializes in areas such as regulatory compliance for healthcare, project management, and strategic planning, among others. Each service is designed to empower organizations and individuals, enhancing both professional and personal growth. Shannon’s commitment to diversity and community is evident in initiatives like the “Street Love” program, demonstrating a deep connection to societal development.

    As a top motivational speakers in California, Shannon’s inspiring mantra, Remeber to “Love yourself, take care of yourself, because guess what, you are worth it,” resonates throughout her work. CNS Services, Inc. and “Living Your Life Without Limits” embody this spirit of empowerment and dedication – a story of growth, resilience, and impactful contribution.

    Transforming Healthcare and Leadership for Sustainable Success

    At CNS Services, Inc., dba Living Your Life Without Limits, we bring over three decades of unparalleled expertise in healthcare and leadership. Our consultancy excels in

    Healthcare Licensure & Survey Readiness

    Simplifying the complexities of licensure and ensuring your organization meets and exceeds regulatory standards.

    Continued Compliance

    Offering robust compliance programs tailored to your needs, keeping you ahead of regulatory changes.

    Leadership Development

    Certified practitioners for the 360 Leadership Assessment and the Team Assessment to cultivate visionary leaders who drive innovation and inspire excellence.

    Employee Engagement

    Implementing strategies to enhance satisfaction and productivity, creating a motivated workplace culture.

    Top-Requested Services

    Explore Our Versatile Services Across Diverse Industries

    Healthy Lifestyle Prevention Programs

    Targeting co-morbidities reduction in various organizational settings.

    Diversity Training Program

    Cultivating inclusive workplace environments.

    Employee Health & Wellness Programs

    Promoting well-being and health in the workplace.

    Leadership Development Training Programs

    Building leadership capabilities across industries.

    Mental Health & Self-care Workshops

    Prioritizing mental wellness in corporate settings.

    Motivational & Inspirational Speaking Engagements

    Designing comprehensive training for employees.

    Employee Orientation and Annual Training Program Development

    Building leadership capabilities across industries.

    Project Management for Organizational Structural and Process Changes

    Designing comprehensive training for employees.

    Licensure & Survey Readiness and Compliance (Healthcare Specific)

    Ensuring healthcare organizations meet industry standards and regulations.

    Discover Your Best Self With Professional Inspirational Speaker in California

    Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery with Shannon Jackson, a distinguished professional inspirational speaker in California. She is dedicated to helping individuals and businesses unlock their full potential and live their best lives.

    Through engaging talks and practical insights, Shannon empowers audiences to break through barriers, overcome challenges, and embrace their inner greatness. Discover new perspectives, ignite your passion, and take inspired action to create the life you truly desire. Her guidance helps you uncover the tools and mindset needed to achieve success, fulfillment, and lasting happiness.


    Electrify Your Event With The Best Corporate Motivational Speakers

    Boost Morale – Spark Innovation -Achieve Goals

    Energize your events with one of the dynamic corporate motivational speakers in California! Shannon Jackson is a trusted name in the industry. She has a remarkable ability to breathe life into any environment. She infuses it with energy, enthusiasm, and a renewed sense of purpose. Her captivating presence and powerful messages ignite the spark of motivation in your audience. 

    At living Your Life Without Limits, we understand that motivation drives personal and professional growth. That’s why we bring our expertise and engaging speaking style to upgrade your corporate events and empower your organization. Contact us today to hire motivational speakers for events and create an unforgettable event that inspires your team and drives success.

    Attain the Skill Set That Defines Your Future Achievement

    At Living Your Life Without Limits Learning Academy, we value the significance of continuous learning and skill development. Our expertly crafted courses serve as a gateway to new opportunities, enabling businesses to succeed in today’s competitive digital age and empowering individuals to excel in their personal and professional endeavours.

    Tune In for Weekly Podcasts

    Living Your Life Without Limits (LYLWL) airs a weekly hosted by Shannon Jackson RN, PHN, BSN, MAOM, CLC. The Podcast is about you first and foremost. In every episode, she describes real-world situations and provides actionable advice to help her listeners live better lives.

    A combination of general life coaching and from-the-heart inspiration, Living Your Life Without Limits is a tool that you can integrate into every day to prepare you for any difficulties that you may face and break through or jump over any barriers that get in your way .

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