Make every occasion special with our Virtual Expressions subscription!

Never forget a birthday, anniversary, or special occasion again! With a Virtual Expressions subscription, you’ll always have beautiful, high-quality e-cards ready to express your love and appreciation to the people who matter most.

Regular E-Cards



  • Ideal for occasional users or those new to the service
  • Offers a curated selection of e-cards for various occasions

Audio E-Cards



  • Designed for regular users who enjoy a variety of content formats
  • Includes unlimited access to both e-cards and audio cards
  • Provides access to both standard and premium collections

All E-Cards



  • Perfect for users who want the full experience and exclusive content
  • Offers full access to all e-cards and audio cards, including exclusive designs
  • Includes the unique feature of a custom prayer book for personalized expression
  • Provides early access to new releases (potential for custom e-card designs subject to availability)
Sign up for your subscription today and start sending E-cards that truly express your feelings.